Revision July 2020

Basic usage

Calls to this API are made using GET requests which can be made via Javascript, HTML (via hyperlink) or with PHP (eg $myData = [apinew.address][data.request].

The URL for the API is: https:/

All calls are case insensitive. All calls return a JSON encoded array called “data”.


There are two types of call: a standard call and a shortcut call.

A standard call always requires two authorisation parameters as part of any query string: tenant_id (the numerical tenant ID of the licenced tenant); and api_code (the unique string code allocated to the tenant for accessing the API). Both of these can be provided on request to developers.

Example: $data=https:/;

A shortcut call requires the tenant slug to be slash appended to the call instead of the authorisation parameters. Most shortcut calls have been created specifically for use by the Artlook Website Templating System - however they can also be used more widely.

Example: $data=https:/;

Not all calls are replicated by shortcuts though a considerable number of shortcuts are available. References to shortcuts are emphasised in green.

The tenant slug can be made available on request to developers.

Upgrade notes

This release of the API is fully backwards compatible with previous releases. No changes to coding will be required to continue to use previously programmed applications. The release includes a number of new shortcuts and a range of extra options to calls. Some calls return additional data.

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